Business Owner Says Smoking Ban Is Unfair

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The smoking ban has been in effect in Fayette County since 2004, and some smokers have learned to cope with the changes.

One smoker told 27 NEWSFIRST that people have adapted to the fact that there are very few places to smoke indoors.

Now, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government has closed the doors on a few smoking loopholes, including the smoking lounge at Blue Grass Airport, bus stops and bingo halls.

Other businesses, like the Fayette Cigar Store and similar businesses, will also see new rules. Before the new rules, retail tobacco stores could allow smokers to light up inside if at least half of what they sold was tobacco products.

Now 75% of all sales have to be tobacco if you want to allow smokers inside.

The owner of the Fayette Cigar Store is skeptical that these new restrictions can even be enforced.

As for who will be in charge of enforcing the new smoking restrictions, Lexington police say they have nothing to do with it. That responsibility falls on the county health department.

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