Tubby Gives Back To Central Kentucky

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Tubby Smith made a commitment to United Way 10 years ago that he would donate a million dollars, and today he presented a check that did indeed bring the total to the million dollar mark.

"You never dream of that, but it's not me. It's all the wonderful people that have contributed to our foundation, and that's what it's all about, reaching out and helping others," Smith says.

Smith Foundation Director Van Florence pointed out that the Smiths didn't limit their giving to just one organization.

"Tubby's foundation also gave an additional two and a half million dollars to over 120 other charities in this community meaning in a ten year period, he has been responsible for supporting this community and its charities along with Donna to the tune of over 4 million dollars," he said.

A big part of Tubby Smith's Lexington legacy are Tubby's Clubhouses which provide computer training for at risk middle school students.

"We just know that it's something that is a life changing experience for them," Tubby said.

Another major announcement today was that the "C" in "Clubhouses" is being changed to a "K" in honor of Tubby's special friend, the late Bill Keightley.

"Mr. Wildcat, Mr. Smooth, whatever name you want to give him. He's missed and he's thought about constantly," the former coach mused.

Bill Keightley's daughter, Karen helped unveil the new logo.

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