Missing Man Honored With Fundraiser

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A Bourbon County man with a history of schizophrenia, went missing for weeks back in January. His body was later found in Clark County. Now his family is on a mission in his memory to make sure others like him don't suffer the same fate.

Michael Brown was honored with a fundraiser Saturday at Bedford Acres Christian Church. His family was determined that his death would not be in vain, and already it has resulted in a new law that could save the lives of people just like him.

"The Golden Alert works very similar to an Amber Alert only it's for adults with Alzheimer's or other impairments," State Representative Sannie Overly said.

The family called on Representative Overly who had been a classmate of Michael Brown to help them get the bill passed.

"We had to wait 48 hours to actually say he was determined missing so in that time we lost 2 days.
So it's important that we get word out to the media so that everyone starts looking for these folks," Michael's sister Angela Roberts said.

Today's fund raiser in memory of Michael included some great silent auction items, lots of food, and plenty of music which would have definitely pleased Michael Brown.

"He loved music and today we're celebrating his love for music with family and friends," she said.
"And we do have a scholarship that's going for him that we're hoping to give to a Bourbon County High School student that's in music."

The family plans to make this fund raiser an annual event. Donations are still being accepted through Bedford Acres Christian Church.

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