Woman Arrested For Posing As A Nurse

A woman faces charges after police say she told an elderly woman she was a nurse, only to get inside her home, and steal money and jewelry.

Barbara Napier was arrested for burglary, after police say her 83-year old victim wasn't about to let her get away. Vanilla White knew something wasn't right when she let a woman into her home Friday afternoon.

"I kept thinking, who is she and why is she here and what does she want?" White said.

Police say 52 year old Barbara Napier entered White's home, posing as a home health nurse.

"She keeps telling me she came up here because i called her to take me to the doctor. There wasn't any truth in it," White said.

"(She) came in and told Miss White that she needed 500 dollars to make her bed up because the government wasn't paying her anymore," Manchester Officer Kelly Johnson said.

Napier tried to get white to sign over a $500 check. When White refused to sign it, Napier left but not for long.

"Probably about an hour, hour and half later, the lady shows back up and we catch her inside pockets full of jewelry," Johnson said. While Napier rummaged through a back bedroom, White called 9-1-1. Police showed up and caught in her the act.

"I'm glad they got her. they knew who she was and they got her," White said.

Napier is being held at the Clay County Detention Center on a $25,000 cash bond.

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