Ashland Family Terrorized By Knife-Wielding Robbers

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Ashland Police are looking for two men who terrorized a family by holding them at knifepoint while they scoured their home for drugs.

It all happened Sunday morning. Josh Miller was reportedly watching television when he heard a knock at the door. He recognized the individual so he went to let him in. That's when two armed men forced their way into the home. Josh was held downstairs while another robber held his parents upstairs.

The men got away with prescription drugs but Josh Miller was hurt during the invasion. His parents, Jeff and Mary Miller say he was cut and received 29 stitches in his ear and neck.

Mary Miller says the incident has traumatized her to the point that she is afraid to leave her home and fears the men will strike again.

So far no arrests have been made but police say they do have people of interest.

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