Bluegrass Army Depot Ready To Destroy Nerve Agent

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Details of operation swift solution were laid out today. Showing how 157 gallons of the nerve agent sarin will be neutralized.

On November 12th a team of about 20 people will begin work to neutralize a nerve agent in three containers at the bluegrass army depot.

On Monday the leaders of operation swift solution gave a briefing of how it will work. Back in August of 2007 one of the three containers storing the nerve agent sarin deteriorated to the point of a minor leak.

All leaks have since been secured according to those in charge but they realized there three containers needed to be destroyed. So beginning Wednesday the neutralization of the nerve agent and it's containers will begin.

The three containers will be moved to a chemical transfer system, where the mixture including sarin will be neutralized with a compound similar to Drain-O.

There the neutralized mixture will be sent to Texas for final disposal.

The process is expected to take until the end of the year and we've been assured by the depot's commander, "The community has nothing to worry about."

The total cost of operation swift solution is three and one half million dollars.

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