Child Is Suffering From Serious Burns

A small, southern Kentucky child is suffering from very serious burns at a Cincinnati hospital.

Investigators say the 4 year old boy set himself on fire inside his Laurel County home on Campbell Road in the Lily community.

Phil Pendleton spoke with the Dustin Mederos family about what happened and the long road to recovery the child now faces.

The family of the 4 year old says they think this was just a terrible accident. Dustin Mederos somehow got a hold of his mother's lighter and set his shirt on fire.

The boy's mother says she was cooking Sunday night when Dustin got a hold of the lighter and was trying to burn a tag off his shirt.

But he caught his entire shirt on fire which caused second and third degree burns all over his body.

The injuries were so serious that a helicopter was called to take the boy to UK Hospital, but about 2 o'clock this morning Dustin was taken on to Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati, which specializes in burns.

Dustin now has burns covering nearly 50 percent of his body and his mother says he will require a number of skin grafts.

He's expected to hospitalized for at least several weeks.

His mother says Dustin is heavily sedated and that he will undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Police were notified of the incident but the Laurel County Sheriff says they are not investigating.

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