Driving While Talking On Your Cell Could Soon Be Against The Law

Several states have passed laws that prohibit drivers from talking on their cell phones while driving.

And now if one lawmaker has his way a similar ban could be coming to Kentucky.

"Some people want to ban cell phone usage entirely while in a vehicle, I do not, however I do want to limit how people can use them," said Rep. Dave Floyd with the 50th District.

Under his proposal drivers would be allowed to use their cell phones in the car, but they would need to be using a handsfree device.

"Technology has made it possible for wireless devices, people can also use speaker phone, which allows us to make a call without taking our hands off the wheel while talking," said Floyd.

This proposal will come under consideration in February 2009. Should it pass and become law, it could go into effect as early as next July.

But during the first year only warnings will be given and it wouldn't be until 2010 before officers could actually fine drivers.

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