Commuting Chapman's Sentence?

With a little more than a week until a Kentucky inmate is executed, the states four Catholic bishops are urging the Governor to reconsider.

This is the second time they've reached out to the Governor, asking for clemency for Marco Chapman, who killed two children and raped their mother.

Kentucky's four Catholic bishops first met with Governor Steve Beshear in early July asking that he commute the death sentences of Ralph Baze and Marco Chapman to life without parole.

Now, they are renewing their request for Marco Chapman.

Today they sent a statement to the governor saying they recognize the horror of Chapman's crime.

He was sentenced to death at his own request for killing two children, Cody and Chelbi Sharon, raping their mother, Carolyn Marksberry and attempting to kill her and another daughter, Courtney Sharon.

In today's statement the Catholic bishops asked all Kentucky citizens to pray for this family as well as other victims of violent crimes.

They also asked that Chapman not be executed, saying they have placed him in the position of playing God with his life and to take the road less traveled and grant him clemency.

Chapman is scheduled to be executed next Friday at Eddyville State Penitentiary.

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