Doughboy Dedicated In Jamestown

Jamestown’s World War I doughboy is much more than a statue of precious metal.

“I think it gives everyone a sense of pride,” says Mayor Brooks Bates.

So you can imagine the sense of loss many felt in February when a drunk driver crashed into and destroyed the doughboy, which had stood in the town's center since 1937.

“It represents those who have fallen in combat, (and to) remember those who are still serving,” says American Legion Commander Jeff Reeder.

It cost $40,000 to replace the monument that police say was taken out by Danny Wilson of Somerset.

The drunk driver had to pay a fine for his actions but no restitution.

“Well, we were upset but the community came together and contributed and we had the funds to complete it,” said Reeder.

“Individuals gave $5, $10 and corporate gifts, this was done, almost entirely by people showing their generosity,” said Bates.

World War I hero Sgt. Alvin York attended the first doughboy dedication. His children were scheduled to attend the second one, more than 70 years later.

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