Special Honor For Area Veterans

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Across Central Kentucky, veterans and their families gathered in various places to honor time spent in service to the US.

In Boyle County people came together at the National Guard armory for an event to appreciate the Bluegrass' veterans.

Our Denny Trease has more from Danville.

They served their country, some putting their lives on the line in the defense of freedom, and today in Danville, those veterans were being serving the kind of meal they missed on the front lines.

"We actually appreciate what the people who came before us gave even more because you can see the pride in there."

With veterans from 4 counties being honored, meals were served for well over two hours.

"Our philosophy was to serve those who had served us, and when i found out that around 1200 WWII and WWI veterans are were dying every day, I decided that I was going to jump in with both feet. We've run out of food twice, but that's all right because we keep replenishing it."

Some soldiers have returned from war feeling unappreciated, but today they felt the love.

"They told us do not wear your army greens home because you're going to be harassed, and it bothered us because we figured we'd come home and people would really welcome us back, but things like this here today make up for it some."

Earlier at the veterans wall of honor, there were stirring speeches, flag ceremonies, and a 21 gun salute as people young and old braved a steady rain to say thank you to the veterans for their sacrifice.

"What we see here is kind of the passing of the baton from our veterans who support our military, but the future of our nation is these young kids that we saw out there today, and I was just so happy to see them there."

Veterans from Garrard, Mercer, and Lincoln Counties also received some of the nearly 800 meals served there in Danville today.

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