KY Man Dealing With Hiccups For More Than A Year

A Louisville man has been dealing with hiccups for more than a year.

Milton Betts says he suffers from hiccups nearly everyday.
He says he's lost weight and even had to go home from work because of the problem. His wife, Patricia Betts, says it's difficult hearing someone she loves suffer.

Mr. Betts has tried about every home remedy available. None of them have worked. He has visited countless experts. He has a table full of medications that have been prescribed to him.

Mr Betts says it's almost too much to bear. "I believe in God and I trust God," he says, "but I tell my wife sometimes if I got to be like this the rest of my life I'd just rather go on because it's very frustrating."

Milton says he's even willing to go so far as to be part of experimental research.

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