UK's Possible New Basketball Arena Won't Be Named "Rupp"

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University of Kentucky Basketball fans have called Rupp Arena home for more than 30 years. But some say it's outdated, and the Cats need a new place to play.

A well known marketing firm, IMG Group is working to convince University of Kentucky officials to let the firm build a new state of the art basketball arena.

The new arena would: seat 20,000 to 30,000 people, include skybox seats, better courtside seating arrangements,and state of the art screens and stadium sound systems.

Officials propose the new arena could be built directly across the street from Rupp Arena, where the High Street parking lot now is. The current Rupp Arena would stay where it is. Officials with the Lexington Center say that building could be renovated into additional convention center venues.

As to the name of the new arena, planners say they will likely not continue the tradition of naming the building after Adolph Rupp. The name of the building will likely be up for grabs to the highest bidder. Officials say it's a new trend for corporations to purchase the rights to sports stadiums and arenas.

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