Security Tight For KKK Trial

There is extra security outside a Kentucky courthouse this afternoon as a high-profile civil trial gets underway.

A wing of the Ku Klux Klan, called the Imperial Klans of America, is being sued in Meade County over a violent attack a couple of years ago.

Members of the KKK group are being sued for their involvement for beating a Latino teenager two years ago.

Because of this, more security has been assigned to the courthouse to the Meade County courthouse to ensure safety.

Concrete barriers and extra troopers and sheriff's deputies are two of the measures being taken at the courthouse.

"I'm sure there is the feeling, like with other trials, some emotions running high and all everybody wants is for everybody to remain calm and let the judicial system run its course," said Trooper Steve Pavey with the Kentucky State Police.

The lawsuit, by a civil rights group, says two years ago, Klan members were at the Meade County Fairgrounds, passing out business cards.

They were reportedly approached Jordan Gruver, a boy they mistook to be Hispanic. The Klan members reportedly shouted racial slurs and spit at him, before assaulting him.

The lawsuit claims the klansmen were negligent and should have known their presence would lead to violence.

Klan members aren't speaking, but online, Ron Edwards, the Imperial Wizard of the Imperial Klans of America, says he had no knowledge of the Klan members presence at the fair.

"I have not hurt no one. I have not encouraged anybody to hurt anyone," Edwards said.

Attempts to contact the KKK for reaction to this lawsuit have been unsuccessful.

The lawsuit is seeking damages that could reach upwards of six million dollars.

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