Burned Laurel County Child Improving

Dustin Mederos will be at Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati for at least another month. He remains in critical condition but his mother says he's making progress.

Sharon Frekey didn't want to appear on camera but she's talking more about the accident that left her son with serious burns to his chest and face.

She says it only took seconds for him to ignite a shirt with a lighter.

Those caring for the 4-year-old say the combination of a lighter, clothes and little hands can be extremely dangerous.

Frekey says had it not been for her 7-year-old brother's quick action to douse the flames with a pot of water, her son's injuries could have been much worse.

"As with any burn, this is trauma. Always a risk. We're letting her (Sharon) know what a risk and she's handling with well," says Louise Hoelker, RN, with Shriner's Hospital.

Frekey says she will stay at the Cincinnati hospital as long as her son's care takes. Doctors say she's handling it well.

"Espeically having a mom like Sharon, involved in her son Dustin's care. By his side, that's all he needs, his family and Shriner's and he'll do just fine," sayd Hoelker.

Because Shriner's Hospital operates solely on donations, the care Dustin is receiving will not cost his family anything.

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