Bullet Tests Reveal Two Shooters In Morgan County Murder

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Robin Maple was found shot in the same car as his ex-girlfriend. At the time, police said it appeared Maple may have killed her and then tried to kill himself. Now police have another theory.

Robin Maple had been on the run for several weeks. He was in hiding after escaping the Montgomery County Jail.

When he showed up Monday at his ex-girlfriend's house in Morgan County, police say he took Melissa Patrick and ended up killing her.

She was shot several times and found in her car with Maple, who police say was also shot. On Wednesday, police revealed both people were not shot with the same weapon.

While Patrick was killed with a 9mm, which police say they found in the car, police now say Maple was shot with a rifle. And they say Patrick's step-father pulled the trigger.

On Monday, Robert Perkins told 27 NEWSFIRST he was attacked by Maple when Patrick was kidnapped but never admitted to firing a shot.

State Police now say these new findings will be taken to the Morgan County Grand Jury later this month to decide what if any charges should be filed against Perkins.

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