Gun Sales Up Following Election

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It's been a week since the presidential election and the results are still being felt nationwide.

Gun sales began going up before the results came in and are expected to rise even more now.

Tamara Evans explains why.

"Statistics show that gun sales are up 8 to 10 percent around the country, and many gun owners say that's just not surprising.

Jay Evans has owned Evans Firearms since 1981 and says lately he's had more customers and more sales.

"With September 11th we had concern there and with the presidential race there has been some, but I've never seen this much concern we've had with this race".

Many gun owners say there's one big reason for that.

Frank St. Clair says, "when the president changes and congress changes, the potential for gun control is higher".

They fear more gun control from President Elect Barack Obama, who they say has voted for more gun control in the past.

Evans continues, "when he was running he tried to go to the middle and say he was for the hunter having firearms and recreational shooters having them, but I think most people who came in here were not buying that".

What they are buying now are plenty of guns. not only because of the election but some say also because of the economy.

Dr. Terry Cox says, "fear of crime would be a big thing".

But those that study crime, like Dr. Cox, says that shouldn't be a major concern.

"Always have to worry about reality of crime versus perception and reality is usually lower".

Still, gun owners say whatever is causing the spike, they don't expect it to go down anytime soon.

St. Clair says, "there will be a spike. gun sales and ammo will go up significantly".

Assault weapons have been one of the biggest sellers in recent months.