Tough Times For Central Kentucky Car Dealerships

It's a frightening scenario.

Some of the country's biggest auto makers going out of business, leaving millions without jobs.

With the slumping economy, some lawmakers say this is a very real possibility, unless the government steps in with a bailout plan.

General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are all struggling right now. They're seeking billions of dollars to stay afloat.

General Motors has warned it may run out of money within months.

That has GM dealerships in Central Kentucky worried about the future.

Despite deals and specials, many car dealerships, like Sutherland Chevrolet in Nicholasville, say profits are down as much as 40 percent from this time last year.

While car sales are down, many dealerships, like Sutherland, say they're keeping afloat with other goods and services.

But Sutherland has already laid off 15 percent of its workers, and it's also had to cut pay.

Other dealerships say they're on their toes, hoping something positive happens soon.

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