Police: Murder Victim Tied Up And Tortured

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Investigators in Shelby County now say, James Duckett, 43, of Shelbyville was tied to a chair and tortured.

The desert storm veteran was found murdered Monday by his sister. Police say he had multiple stab wounds and his throat was slit.

While investigators continue to search for clues, people living in the community aren't taking any chances.

Local gun store owner, Ron Powell, of Tinker's Gun Shop, says since the brutal murder, gun sales are way up.

"People are afraid and they want to protect themselves," Powell said.

In fact he says the phones at his normally quiet business have been ringing off the hook.

"Most folks, are calling to ask about a handgun in the last few days or have come in, and everyone of them have mentioned this brutal murder," he said.

While Duckett struggled with alcoholism and post traumatic stress, according to his family, he had no known enemies.

On Halloween, Police say, Duckett's house was burglarized, but police said they don't know if it's related to the murder.

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