Cross Dressing Bank Robbers Arraigned

A cross-dressing criminal and her partner in crime were in court Thursday morning facing bank robbery charges.

32-year-old Becky Metcalf and 31-year-old Retta Dennis appeared in court for a video arraignment. A judge entered a not guilty plea on their behalves. Both are in jail without bond and both asked for court appointed attorneys.

Police charged Metcalf and Dennis with robbery, tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy. Officers say the two are responsible for a bank robbery last week at the Danville branch of the Lawrenceburg National Bank.

Witnesses told police one of the women wore a camouflage jacket, a toboggan and used makeup to draw a mustache on her face. Dennis and Metcalf were caught soon after the robbery and the stolen money was recovered.

Metcalf and Dennis will be back in court on November 19th. No one was injured during the robbery.

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