UPDATE: Woman Fights Off Would-Be Intruder

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She says she had no idea what to expect when a man knocked on her door this morning.

The Nicholasville woman says the man tried to force his way inside when she opened the door.

Police call it an attempted burglary and as Tamara Evans reports the victim is worried the intruder may come back.

The incident happened along McPeek Place where a woman got a knock on her door early this morning and says that person attempted to force their way into her home.

It was an unwanted welcome at the home, that first began with a simple knock at the door by a man outside shuffling through papers.

The victim, who has asked not to be identified, says she opened the door and the man tried to come in.

"He knocked it open and it hit me and knocked me backward."

When the man stepped in her home, she shoved him back, taking action.

Officer Scott Harvey says, "she was able to slam the door in the guys face and said he kicked the door and ran off."

Police are now questioning neighbors to help figure out who it was trying to force their way into the home.

"To see if anyone saw anything, whether it was suspicious or not. Just to see what people might have seen".

Not the first break-in this homeowner has seen, but she's hoping, it'll be the last.

"It was really scary. We just had a break-in new years eve of last year and it scares me now being there."

Nicholasville police tell us so far there have been no other reports of attempted burglaries in the area.

The suspect in this attempted burglary is described as a white male, around six feet tall and 250 pounds.

He last seen wearing a red baseball cap, a jacket and jeans.

If you have any information you're asked to call the Nicholasville Police Department.

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