Police: Baby Left In Casey Home Where Man Was Stabbed

A knock by a man pleading for help was a startling wake up call for those inside a Casey County home.

”I opened the door, he said, ‘man, I've been stabbed,’” says Whitney Sims, who helped the injured man early Friday morning.

Police say Matt Martin was fighting with Steven Williams when Williams stabbed him in the stomach. What may be even more shocking is that the violence happened in a baby's room...with the 8 month old nearby.

But what's even worse police say is that the baby's mother, Amber D. Hoover, left the baby in the middle of the mess, while she was out driving drunk.

”And that poor little baby didn't have a chance there. Anything could have happened last night,” said Casey County Deputy Sheriff Chad Weddle.

Police say when they showed up to investigate, they found the baby playing with some chap-stick he could have easily choked on. And another man was laying on the couch drunk.

Police charged that man, Jake McEndree, with alcohol intoxication. Police eventually caught up with Steven Williams and charged him with stabbing Martin. Sims says Martin had horrific injuries.

”We got him in and put pressure on him on his side, and put a towel on him, it didn't take that towel long to get bloody,” said Sims.

Sims says Martin told her that he was actually trying to protect the baby's mother from Williams when he was stabbed. Martin was airlifted to UK hospital where he is now in fair condition. The baby is in the custody of his grandmother.

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