N. Ky. Ancient Indian Buffalo Hunt & Kill Site Rare Find

UNION, Ky. (AP) - Archaeologists have dug up and will display evidence of an American Indian bison hunt that happened hundreds of years ago in northern Kentucky.

Evidence at the site shows hunters killed and butchered the animals with stone tools, leaving the bones and tools behind.

The bones were discovered in Big Bone Creek several years ago but left there.

Staff from the Cincinnati Museum Center and volunteers spent a week in August digging up the artifacts.

Glenn Storrs, head curator for vertebrate paleontology at the center, got permission from the state to dig while the creek's water was down. Though it was already low, part of the river had to be dammed and water was pumped out.

"This is one of the very few documented bison hunt-and-kill sites in the Ohio Valley, so it's very exciting," Storrs told The Kentucky Enquirer.

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