Horse Owners Struggling In Slow Economy, Winter

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For many horse owners, having a horse is a luxury. However, when money is tight, it's often those luxuries that are cut from the budget. Fortunately, here in Kentukcy, there are places people can take their horses when they can no longer afford to feed them. But sometimes those places also need help.

"Donations are down and unfortunately a lot of people are giving up their horses because they can't afford to keep them," said Lori Neagle,
Executive Director of the Kentucky Equine Humane Society.

Neagle says the group's feed bill runs about $4,000 per month. The group feeds more grain in the winter months as well in order to keep weight on the horses.

She says she's expecting more horses to be surrendered by owners this winter as they struggle to pay their bills in a slowing economy. Neagle adds that it's important for owners to make arrangements for their horses before they get in bad shape. The Kentucky Equine Humane Center has an open-door policy and will not turn a horse away.

For more information on the organization or how to donate, log on to their website at

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