Family Feels Courts Let Them Down

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Tom and James Beckum say they are frustrated with the legal system. Their feelings stem from the case involving the death of Jennie Beckum. Beckum died in June from injuries she sustained when she was struck in the head with a board her nephew, Patrick Combs, was attempting to throw at two other men during an altercation. Combs struck a plea deal in the case and was sentenced to probation.

Combs has spent the past several months in jail on an unrelated parole violation. But as of this weekend, he is out of jail, on probation.

The Beckum family believes Combs is dangerous and needs to be put away.

"I didn't want him to spend the rest of his life in prison but at least enough time to realize he messed up," said James Beckum, Jennie Beckum's son.

"He has a real bad anger problem, anything can set him off," he added.

Beckum said he received a letter from Combs recently. In it, Combs apologizes for the damage he's caused to the family. But Beckum says he's not interested in an apology.

"I don't want no apology. I don't want to see his face either," he said.

Tom Beckum is the late Jennie Beckum's husband. He says the whole series of events has torn his family apart.

"It's been real hard on my kids. They're full of anger, full of hurt," he said. "The whole system fell down in my opinion," he added.

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