Student Accused Of Hacking Into University's Computer System

Just why e-mails of University of the Cumberlands students were intercepted and My Space accounts targeted remains under investigation.

“There's not a clear motive at this time,” says Officer Shawn Jackson of Williamsburg Police.

But police say Sungkook Kim hacked into computers used by dozens, perhaps hundreds of students, and got a hold of their personal information from email accounts.

“Some have been notified...some have not been notified. We're trying to notify others. That's why we're not releasing a whole lot of details right now,” said Jackson.

University officials have no comment but students say they've been told to change their passwords on a frequent basis, for security purposes.

Those who know Kim say they're shocked their friend is accused of stealing confidential information from others.

“He's a good guy. Very nice. That's what shocks me,” says student Josh Watkins.

“It’s a Christian school. So that threw me for a loop. That somebody who goes to a Christian school, Baptist school could do something like this,” says student Megan Williamson.

What's more, Kim is in jail on a $100,000 cash bond. Police aren't worried he'll hurt anyone, but because he's an international student, they say he's a flight risk.

“I would never expect that it was him, never expected it,” said Watkins.

Kim is also accused of putting information out over the web that police say portrayed sexually explicit acts.

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