Denny Trease Talks About Crash That Injured Him

He says he's lucky to be alive.

WKYT reporter Denny Trease continues to recover after a crash left him with several injuries over the weekend.

He's used to covering the news. But on Saturday, he and photographer Brandon Whitworth made news.

"I know I look like I've just done 15 rounds with the champ," Denny said, talking about his bruises.

He and Brandon were heading to a story Saturday afternoon, when police say a car rear ended their WKYT vehicle on U.S. 27 in Garrard County.

That sent the WKYT vehicle into oncoming traffic, where it was broadsided.

Denny was taken to the hospital, and is now recovering at home.

He says his seat belt saved his life.

"I think the chances of somebody on the passenger side, walking away from that, were slim to none, and somehow, somebody was looking over me," Denny said.

He says every part of his body feels the effects of the crash, but the support of viewers has given him strength.

"My viewers are my friends, I've always considered them that and my friends really came through for me," Denny said.

Denny says he'll be back to covering the news soon.

Whitworth was not injured in the crash.

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