Whitley County Man Sentenced For Shooting 3 People, Killing Elderly Man

Teddy Keith Hurst admits he took the life of 82 -year-old Quenton Prewitt, but he told a judge that it was a mistake.

“You were shooting other people, but you didn't intend to kill the man that you killed?” asked Whitley Circuit Judge Paul Braden.

“No, I didn’t,” said Hurst.

During a jailhouse interview the day after he was arrested, Hurst denied killing anyone. But Tuesday, he admitted breaking into the Whitley County home and opening fire, wounding 3 people and killing Prewitt, who was blind and deaf, and had just come home from a nursing home.

“He had a ski mask on, he put it on. He came in, I believe with every intention of killing everyone who walked in that house,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Allen C. Trimble.

One detective said Hurst really never came clean on everything, but he knew that had he gone to trial, he could have easily received the death penalty.

Instead Hurst was slapped with one life sentence for murder and three 20 year sentences for attempted murder.

“We believe he was and still is a dangerous person,” said Trimble.

Hurst could be eligible for parole after 25 years.

“And if I'm alive, I'll certainly oppose any release, because he will remain a threat," said Trimble.

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