School System Takes Song on Voicemail Seriously

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Police were on hand at Mercer County schools on Wednesday morning because of a song that was left on an school board employees voicemail.

Police were at Mercer County schools on Wednesday, worried the song "How Far We've Come", by Matchbox 20, may have been a threat.

School officials tell 27 NEWSFIRST someone called Betty Sims, who is the district director of pupil personnel, and left the song on her voice mail.

Police say the song had some inappropriate lyrics, such as "say your goodbyes", and "the world is burning to the ground".

That call came in at about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Police have subpoenaed phone records to try to figure out who made the call.

School board officials believe the message could have been left by a disgruntled student, but they are not ruling anyone out.

Harrodsburg police say there was never a direct threat made toward the employee or to any student or teacher. This was just a precautionary measure to ensure their safety.

Once they find the person responsible, they say they will then determine if and what charge the person will face.

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