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You never know when this will happen. Or this. Or this. That's the whole reason we have insurance, to prepare for the unexpected. But in this economy people are taking a closer look at every penny spent and insurance might be a place to find savings. We spoke with a local agent to find out how to get the most bang for your buck.
"Wallace Barber, State Farm Insurance"
State Farm agent Wallace Barber says there are several things you can do to save money and still have the coverage you need. First, find one company and stick with them. Safe driver discounts, multi-line policies, and other discounts are worth it.
Wallace Barber says, "If you jump from insurance carrier to insurance carrier you might miss out on some of the savings".
Then, evaulate your policies each year.
"Sometimes you discover coverage you may not need or be aware of", says Barber.
Changes in your neighborhood, home value, or number of cars you have are just a couple of things that could lower your premium. Barber says the biggest mistake of all, letting your insurance lapse.
"People will come in and say I fell on hard time and that's a bad idea because it's hard to get reinstated and it might cost more to get reinstated and it's illegal to drive around with no insurance", says Barber.
It's also important to rememer, increaseing your deductible will lower premiums, but make sure you're financially able to handle the incres.
Stacy says, "Bottom line, keep evaluating, revising, and asking questions to ensure you're getting the best price on what you need. A little information goes a long way in making sure you're safe and secure when the unexpected happens. Stacy Elilson WKYT 27 Newsfirst".


Online Chat:
[sellison] 4:56 pm: Hello everyone! Welcome

[bessie] 5:18 pm: how do i get started with the coupon and free samples

[sellison] 5:19 pm: Bessie, If you are a Kroger shopper, is a great place to start. The site has links to other sites that will allow you to download coupons. You can also try and check out the FRU-GALS blog. She blogs daily with all kinds of coupons and freebies.

[sellison] 5:21 pm: Hello Z, thanks for joining us

[bessie] 5:21 pm: tyvm im ooking orward to getting started

[bessie] 5:21 pm: loking

[bessie] 5:22 pm: looking

[sellison] 5:22 pm: It's very easy and equally rewarding..

[bessie] 5:22 pm: tyvm

[bessie] 5:24 pm: another questons what web site had the coupons where i print out on my printer

[sellison] 5:25 pm: Many of the manufacturers websites (Proctor and Gamble or General Mills, for example) allow you to either down load them or print them out. Really, if you google printable coupons or freebies you will find an unbelievable number of websites from which you can pick and choose what you'd like.

[bessie] 5:27 pm: ty

[Sam McCall] 5:37 pm: What is all that?

[sellison] 5:37 pm: What is all what?

[Sam McCall] 5:39 pm: When I logged on there were a bunch of things saying saying I logged in. Confused me. I thought I did something wrong.

[sellison] 5:39 pm: No, everything is fine.

[Sam McCall] 5:39 pm: Hi Stacy, the subject is Insurance today?

[sellison] 5:40 pm: Yes. Did you catch the story?

[Sam McCall] 5:41 pm: I caught most of it but you said something about paying with your credit card, I missed that part.

[Sam McCall] 5:41 pm: Are you not suppose to?

[cap2] 5:41 pm: I have tried saving coupons but I never can seem to use them before they expire even if I have 8 weeks to expiration what can I do to eliminate being caught by expiration dates

[sellison] 5:42 pm: If you set up your insurance payments to be done via automatic deduction you might be able to get a discount.

[tonic] 5:42 pm: Farm Bureau has always been good to us

[Sam McCall] 5:43 pm: Yes, we have ours automatically deducted but I don't think we got a discount. I have to check into that.

[sellison] 5:43 pm: That is a challenge, cap2. Debbie Morris, The Frugal- says organization is key. Keeping them all organized helps you keep track of what's about to expire. Also, by loading them on to your store card the website will keep track of what's about to expire

[knoxgirl] 5:44 pm: i just heard on the news you can upload coupons onto your kroger do you do that?

[sellison] 5:44 pm: You know, Sam, I've found that sometimes all it takes is asking. Often companies bank on us not asking for things!

[countrycook] 5:45 pm: sellison how do I load coupons

[tonic] 5:45 pm: Your discount comes if you have your car and home both with the same company most of the time. Home Security systems can get you a discount too

[sellison] 5:45 pm: Knoxgirl, go to and you can get started there. The site has links where you can do it quickly and easily. Are you from Knoxville?

[barb] 5:45 pm: have you heard of a tax thats being added to ins policy's from grange ins. And is this all ins. company or only this company

[knoxgirl] 5:45 pm: no im from knox co. ky

[knoxgirl] 5:45 pm: and thanks

[sellison] 5:46 pm: You're right tonic. That was part of the story. Multi line discounts are great. Also, sticking with one company will get you good driver discounts and other things like that.

[sellison] 5:46 pm: You're welcome!

[Sam McCall] 5:46 pm: Stacy, you're right. I'm going to look that up. You have great tips.

[sellison] 5:46 pm: Thanks and I really appreciate you logging in every night to participate.

[tonic] 5:49 pm: I see a lot of people today buying wood burning fireplaces to save money heating their homes

[Sam McCall] 5:50 pm: I don't know if this is off topic but it's about insurance - we have AHS and this is beneficial to home owners. This type of insurance covers any appliances that break down or need parts but you have to pay $50 which isn't bad because our microwave broke and we got a brand new one for $50 because AHS paid the difference of the cost.

[sellison] 5:50 pm: That can be a very costly expense. Especially in weather like this.

[sellison] 5:50 pm: This is a 50 a month fee?

[Sam McCall] 5:52 pm: Oh no, I'm sorry. The $50 is the amount you pay only if you need something worked on, a part, or a replacement.

[sellison] 5:53 pm: But is there a monthly fee to carry this coverage?

[Sam McCall] 5:53 pm: They cover the rest of the amount over $50.

[Sam McCall] 5:55 pm: We pay a yearly price for the service and I don't know off hand how much we pay for it but it has worked out great. We saved a lot of money with this insurance, even plumbing.

[tonic] 5:56 pm: what insurance company repaces appliance and what if your refrigerator is 15 years old

[Sam McCall] 5:56 pm: Heating units are covered too

[sellison] 5:57 pm: That's great that it covers a number of household mishaps. Things break down when you least expect it - and there's no super to call - it's you!

[Sam McCall] 5:57 pm: It's called AHS, I guess you can google it and get all the rest of the info since I don't have it handy but I sure wished I did so I could give you more info on this service.

[tonic] 5:58 pm: Is it a seperate type insurance, not with home owners policy

[sellison] 5:59 pm: Thanks again everyone for logging in to chat. Tomorrow in Savvy Shopper we're talking about Black Friday and what kind of deals are to found out there for holiday shopping. Have a great night and be sure to tune in tomorrow. We'll chat again from 5 to 6. Good night.

[Sam McCall] 5:59 pm: One year my husband put a half pd of boneless ham down our garbage disposal and backed it up, what a mess, but the insurance covered the amount over $50 to have it fixed. Please don't ask me why he put the ham down the disposal because I don't know, crazy!

[Sam McCall] 6:01 pm: Yes, it's seperate from home owners, do you have it tonic?

[tonic] 6:02 pm: No, just asking, it must be like insurance you can buy at stores on appliaance just covers more than one thing

[Sam McCall] 6:04 pm: No, you don't have to buy anything in order to get the insurance, you can just call the company and get it just like car insurance, you pay a fee every 6 months or pay for a year, up to you on that one.

[tonic] 6:04 pm: Going to go try the Kroger down loads now

[Sam McCall] 6:06 pm: I got my Kroger card downloaded but I don't know how you get the coupons on it, anybody know?

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