Marco Chapman Executed- Hourly Breakdown

8:34 Chapman declared dead.

8:24 Warden touches Chapman's eye.

8:22 Chapman stops breathing.

8:20 Execution begins.

8:17 Apologizes to victim's mother.

8:15 Final statement read.

5:30 Briefing: We're told Chapman has not filed any last minute appeals. He's instructed officials to give all his worldly possessions to his niece. Prison officials also say that Chapman has yet to show or communicate any fear about his impending execution.

4:30pm Briefing: Chapman is now eating his last meal. Among the shows he has been watching in his cell has been Law & Order SUV. He met with his public defender for 30 minutes but no new information came out of the meeting.

3:30pm Briefing: Chapman has been meeting with an attorney from the Department of Public Advocacy since 3pm. No information was available about the context of that meeting and who initiated the meeting. He has had no spiritual adviser but has asked the execution team about the process. They say he has shown little emotion.

2:30pm Briefing: The Kentucky Department of Corrections continues with the planned execution of Marco Chapman. They've now taken his order for a last meal. Chapman has asked for a 32oz sirloin steak, 20 butterfly shrimp, a tossed salad, iced tea and a banana cream pie. He will be served the meal four hours before his execution. Also confirmed at the briefing was Chapman will have no witnesses at his execution; at his own request. He's also had no visitors today. He declined lunch and has spent the day in his cell in the execution chamber watching TV and writing letters.

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