Hope Is Still There, Six Years After Woman Goes Missing

She hasn't been seen or heard from in more than six years.

Yet the hope that Joyce Crider can still be found hasn't waned.

Wednesday, 27 NEWSFIRST was the only news station present as crews began searching for Crider's body at a burned home in Floyd County.

They were back at the scene outside Prestonsburg today.

As Sherelle Roberts reports, it's that glimmer of hope they might find something that keeps investigators coming back year after year.

The backhoes, and shovels returned for the second day in a row to dig for clues about what happened to Joyce Crider.

Sgt. Paul Williams, with the Lexington Police says, "you have a woman, who's disappeared, haven't been heard from since, no financial activity on her credit card, you have to believe something has happened."

Yet police haven't arrested anyone.

"No one had been charged in this case because at this point we do not have enough evidence to articulate a criminal charge," Williams says.

And that's what the digging, prodding, and searching 6 years after Joyce vanished is all about.

"If you don't find the info you are looking for exactly you keep looking for it."

And authorities say, they've looked everywhere, and exhausted every possibility and ruled out every suspect except one.

Joyce's now ex-husband, Bill Crider.

Williams continues, "she was last known to be going to see him. so based on that info, the investigation has revolved in a way that concentrates somewhat on Crider."

And so his home, car, underground cistern and well are all under the microscope.

Police say, it has to be done to put all the questions to rest.

"If we didn't would you be satisfied."

Joyce and Bill Crider were in the middle of a divorce at the time she disappeared.