Local Car Dealer In Washington With Big Three

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Paul Cleaver, the owner of Freedom Dodge, was one of only thirty car dealers allowed to attend Congressional hearings with domestic automakers.

Cleaver says the negative portrayal of what's happening at these meetings is not accurate in his eyes. He says about 50 of the congressional leaders actually support loaning the automotive makers money for restructuring.

He also says referring to it as a "bailout" is not accurate either, Cleaver says all three automakers are asking for a 25 billion dollar loan. The money would used to pay employees during the restructuring efforts.

He and other car dealers, like Jack Kain of Jack Kain Ford, say if no help comes from congress, the trickle down effects could be catastrophic. He says it would not only affect the dealers, it would impact auto part suppliers, car repair businesses and virtually everyone who works with the industry.

Jack Kain also says lawmakers should offer tax incentives to encourage people to buy domestic cars.

Cleaver says Congress has already appropriated 25 billion dollars to go to technology for the auto industry, but he thinks the money would be better suited going to domestic automakers.

Congress will meet again in early December to see if they can agree on a plan of action.

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