Marco Chapman's Written Statement

In an image provided by the Kentucky Department of Corrections, inmate Marco Allen Chapman is shown in an undated booking photo. Chapman, a death row inmate, has asked the state Supreme Court to uphold the "benefit" of a death sentence, saying it was what he bargained for and wanted. Chapman filed an affidavit with the high court saying he wants to be put to death for the murders of two children and a brutal attack on two other people in northern Kentucky in 2002. Chapman pleaded guilty to the attacks in 2004. (AP Photo/Kentucky Department of Corrections)

Marco Chapman's written statement.

I, Marco Chapman only have a few things to say as my last words on earth. First and Foremost, I have to say I am truly sorry to Carolyn and Courtney Marksberry for the crimes and sins i have committed to them. With all my heart and soul I am sorry for ending the life of two beautiful children, Cody and Chelbi Markesberry. I know the ending of my life will never bring them back, and let them have the life they deserve, but hopefully with my death it will give some sort of peace to Carolyn and Courtney Marksberry. I don't know why I did the things I did, and I know the hate of me over that night must be overwhelming, but Carolyn and Courtney you have to know, that was not who I was or am. I am not a monster even though i did a monstrous evil thing. That is why I give my life willingly as well as quickly in hopes of knowing how truly sorry I am. I hurt and ache daily for the loss I created in the Marksberry family, but I hurt as well. Afterall, before that dreadful night, I thought Carolyn a friend and Courtney, Cody, and Chelbi like nieces and nephews because I still care for them very deeply. I am sure to Carolyn and Courtney what happened that night was your worst nightmare, but it is also mine, and for that I have say I am sorry again. I have no right to ask for forgiveness, and don't intend to, but I want you to know that I believe wholeheartedly that Cody and Chelbi are safe in Heaven. I don't know if I deserve Heaven after what I did, but I pray with all my heart that I find some sort of peace and happiness after my last breath. With that said, I close my eyes in prayer that Carolyn and Courtney find a type of peace they can live with, and can find love and happiness in their lives. As for my family and loved ones, just know that I will miss and love every one, but I know it's right to give my life for the lives i've shattered and ended. Don't be sad over my life, but relieved that I have found peace. Just know that I'm with you all each and everyday in my heart, and I will see you all again someday. Bye for now, but never forever. With all my love and sorrow, Marco Chapman.

I'm sorry to everyone.

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