Teacher's Aide Pleads Not Guilty

A teacher's aide accused of sending dirty text messages to teenage girls appeared in court for the first time on Monday morning.

Brandon Rousey pleaded not guilty and waived his case on to the grand jury.

Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff's Department are confident in the case they have against the 23-year-old teacher's aide and assistant football coach.

Sheriff Nelson O'Donnell says "As far as legwork, we have enough to get him indicted."

At least one 13-year-old girl has stepped forward and says Rousey sent her sexually explicit text messages on her cell phone.

Investigators say they do believe there are other victims out there.
They are planning to interview potential victims Monday afternoon.

O'Donnell says his department will talk to friends and classmates of the 13-year-old girl who says she was victimized.

O'Donnell also says Rousey's computer and cell phone have been sent to the state crime lab in Frankfort so data, including sent text messages, can be recovered.

Rousey sent a letter to us ton Monday afternoon, saying he's not guilty of the crime he's accused of, but he admits to sending inappropriate text messages to the victim.

Rousey was working at Madison Middle School through the Americorps Job Placement Program. He is out of jail on bail.

If convicted with a crime, he could face up to five years behind bars.

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