Fire Heavily Damages Gas Station

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There were some tense moments Monday morning at a gas station, after a fire breaks out inside the store.

The flames started around ten inside the Shell Mart on Main Street in Clay City, but thanks to a quick response, firefighters kept this from becoming a lot worse.

It appears the flames broke out in a back office at the building. Firefighters say it might have started from an electric cash counter shorting out.

The building houses a Subway and a People's Exchange Bank in addition to the Shell gas station.

A Subway employee noticed the flames. We're told another employee tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, but abandoned that effort.

All 7 people inside the store got out with any injuries.

Maintenance crews shut off the gas pumps after the fire broke out, as a precaution.

It took crews from Clark, Montgomery and Powell Counties about an hour to put out the flames. They spent several hours on the scene, battling hot spots.

Firefighters say they think an electric cash counter may have sparked the flames, but they are still investigating.

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