Teenager Says He Tried to Save Mother's Life In Trailer Fire

It was a terrifying wake up call for Joseph Smith Sunday morning.

“I woke up, my aunt yelling get out of the house, 'the stove is on fire,'” says the 14 year old, who escaped, but knowing his mother, Jeanette, her boyfriend Raymond, and Joseph's uncle and aunt, Henry and Susan were still inside, he went back in.

“I got burned right here, trying to get back inside,” said Joseph, pointing to a long burn mark on his face. “When I went back inside, that's when the ash hit me.”

Raymond, Henry and Susan Smith all escaped. Jeanette Smith did not.

“I consider myself lucky, but not lucky enough to save mom, " he said.

Henry and Susan Smith were staying with Jeanette because ironically their home also burned last month. Police say that fire was suspicious.

“We don't understand what's doing it, who's got anything out there against us because nobody should have anything against my brother and his wife,” said Enoch Smith, Jospeh’s father, and Jeanette’s ex-husband.

Police say there is no strong evidence that points to arson at Jeanette Smith’s home, but they say they activated the major crimes task force simply because of what happened to Henry and Susan Smith's home several weeks ago.

Henry, Susan and Raymond Smith are all in serious condition at UK hospital.

“Henry, he's burnt real bad. We don't know if he's going to make it. Susan's got over 75% burned,” said Enoch Smith.

Joseph was treated and released at a London hospital. His family says he'll make a full recovery.

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