911 Call for Accident Involving Car Key in Toddlers Eye

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We first brought you this story over the weekend. A Boyle County toddler who fell and got a key lodged in his eye, has completely recovered.

After the accident happened, Nicholas Holderman's mother Staci called 911.

"My son is injured. A key has gone through his eye and head. We need help fast! A key has gone through his eye or head. A key like you put in a car", said Staci Holderman.

It's a call Staci and Chris Holderman will never forget, after their son Nicholas, 17 months old at the time, fell on a car key. The key went into his eyelid and eye and to his brain, panicking his parents and two brothers, Isaac and Caleb.

In the 911 calls, one of the brothers asks their dad if Nicholas was going to die.

"No, he's not going to die. Everything's gonna be alright. We're gonna work it out. It's okay", their dad Chris told them.

The call and this story was hard for many people to hear, but for especially for one person, the dispatcher who took the call. She had been wondering what happened to Nicholas Holderman until she saw this story Sunday night on 27 NewsFirst.

"I'm thankful he's fine. I was so relieved to heat that on the news that night and to be able to see him", says Tiffany Dunham.

Tiffany Dunham says, as a mother, this was her hardest call yet and says she's glad this story has a happy ending.

"Right here at Thanksgiving they have alot to be thankful for and I'm just glad he's okay. I can't stress that enough", says Tiffany Dunham.

Amazingly, Nicholas Holderman didn't suffer any damage from this accident.

Next Friday night in Boyle County Nicholas Holderman will get an early Christmas present from the city of Danville, where he has been selected to turn the Christmas lights on for the season at the community tree lighting.