Police Stepping up Search for Ex-Employee of Missing Woman

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Police say they've now recovered another clue to puzzling case of a woman who vanished from her Central Kentucky farm more than a month ago.

Versailles Police found items taken from Patricia Last's home that were discovered missing after she dissapeared.

Now they're looking to charge an ex-employee, 42-year-old Richard Norris Kinkaid.

Donna Nabors, a close friend of Patricia Last, says Patricia Last often said Kinkaid worked well around her farm, until she accidently shorted him sixteen dollars.

Nabors was told by Last, that after that incident, he started behaving differently and even scared her.

Police say Kinkaid is one of the last people who saw Patricia Last. They now want to charge him with receiving stolen property. They say he sold items reported missing from Last's farm, including a weedeater, lawnmower, trailer, and air compressor.

Police believe Kinkaid is on the run. They hope to find him to bring new clues as to what happened to Last.

In addition to the warrant he has against him from Mercer County, where the stolen property was found, he also has a warren for his arrest in Scott County for flagrant nonsupport.

Police say Kinkaid is driving a blue 1998 Chevy Lumina with the Kentucky license plate 521 AYS.

Patricia Last's family is still offering a $25,000 reward in the case for information that leads to her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, police say if you know where Richard Norris Kinkaid is, you are urged to contact the Versailles Police department with that information. ".

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