Woman Visiting Family After Extreme Weight Loss

Thanksgiving is usually a day to spend time with family. But one Lexington woman, hasn't seen her family in California in three years because she was ashamed of the way she looked. Leanne Banales says she was embarrassed because she was overweight.

Just months ago, Leanne decided to change her life. She joined a gym, CrossFit, here in Lexington. In three months, she lost 60 pounds. Because of that, Leanne is in California this Thanksgiving, seeing her family for the first time in years.

Leanne says she's only at her midway point. She wants to lose 150 pounds.

CrossFit Lexington is looking for their next change of life participant. They are taking applicants on their website, http://www.crossfitlexky.com , or at their new location on Bryant Road in Lexington.

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