Go Green This Holiday Season

Christmas lights were said to be on of the many modern Christmas pagan customs.

Its that time of year when we all drag out our Christmas decorations, but this year you can trim your tree and trim your energy bill at the same time.

The city of Lexington hopes you are inspired by their green efforts this year.

Are you the Clark W. Griswold in your neighborhood, decorating with thousands of lights just to stand out?

With the soaring cost of energy lighting up your utility bills, you may be wondering is there a more cost efficient way to make your home sparkle this year? Indeed there is!

L-E-D or light emitting diodes are the newest way to be green this Christmas.

L-E-D lights use 90 percent less energy, last ten times longer than the traditional power hungry lights and burn safer.

Here's how you'll save.

Kentucky Utilities says during a 90 day holiday season if you use a 300 string of l-e-d lights for six hours a day you'll pay $0.53.

Now compare that to nearly $74 for the same 300 string of regular lights.

Savings like that convinced the city of Lexington to make the switch this holiday season.

"We like to be good stewards of tax payers dollars, as well as the environment when we can," says Tom Webb with Lexington's Division of Environmental Policy.

The city began investing last year in L-E-D lights, this year they spent nearly $6000.

L-E-D lights tend to cost more than regular lights.

While the initial investment may be expensive, Webb says the return in the future is most important.

"It does allow us to lead by example and hopefully folks will notice and they will say, hey I'll try that at our house." says Webb.

So while the energy police are not likely to show up at your happy holiday home this year, making the switch to these little lights might help you save big this season..

Aside from these energy saving lights downtown, you will also find all of the city's traffic lights are now energy efficient.

All of the10,088 traffic lights are now L-E-D.

The city says the switch allows them to save $10,000 a month.

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