Raped And Abused Three Year Old Child Dies

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A child, brought to UK Hospital the day before Thanksgiving, has now died and the man responsible will be charged with murder.

18 year old Brian Crabtree is currently sitting in jail for the assault and rape of a three year old girl, but that could all change on Friday when Crabtree will formally be charged with the girls murder.

The toddler was brought to UK Hospital with life threatening injuries on November 26th. Police say the child has bruises on her body and she'd been raped and sodomized.

Police then went to an apartment in the Cardinal Valley area and arrested the 18 year old Crabtree. Police say he'd been living with the girl and her father.

An investigation is ongoing to see if the father might also be charged in connection with the abuse and death of the child. Now at least one thing is clear, says the County Prosecutor, Crabtree's charges will be amended to murder.

27 NEWSFIRST attempted to reach the family at the apartment, but the property manager says the father paid December's rent and moved out of the apartment.

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