Girls On the Run

How can a pair of running shoes help young girls boost their self esteem?

In Lexington a new organization is off and running combining the two and making for a positive impact on the young women of tomorrow.

For Katherine Stone of Lexington, running has always been important.

"I've never been an elite runner, but I run to say in shape and stay fit, it helps keep me grounded" says Stone.

After years of pounding the pavement, Stone is now inspiring young girls to feel better about themselves by running.

It is all part of a national movement called Girls On the Run.

" A bunch of us worked together to bring it here because we really felt there was a need to make sure we're helping not just kids become athletes because that's not the mission of this, but to live a healthy lifestyle" says Stone.

The 12 week program is designed for girls third through eighth grade.

"Well I think its really fun because you get to learn all things about girls and girl power and how to run and pace yourself" says 8-year-old Julia D'Orazio.

Each week D'Orazio and her friends come to this spot outside Cassidy Elementary to focus on girl power, building self-esteem, creating a healthy lifestyle and to train for an upcoming 5K run.

"Its amazing physically to see them, that's easier to measure. Their running is stronger, they can make it farther, they're not complaining as much. Their running form is good and that's really fun" says Stone.

Aside from running, its really about what these girls are learning about themselves. The fact is, positive self image can be life changing. Katherine Stone says its not just the girls taking it in.

" The wonderful thing about the program is that it impacts the coaches, I have high school girls that come and help me out, even though the curriculum isn't geared towards them they are getting to hear it, they feel good about themselves, the girls look up to them."

And in a world where its easy to buy into thin is in.

These girls are instead on track to leave that negative body image behind.

The culmination of this programs will end with the girls competing in a 5K here in Lexington on December 13th.

Right now Girls On the Run meets at Cassidy Elementary and Seton Catholic, in the spring the group hopes to expand to more schools.

If you would like more information on girls on the run... log on to their website

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