Toddler's Mother Speaks Out To 27 NEWSFIRST

A tragic end for a life taken far too soon.

2 year old Katelynn Stinnett died after police say she was raped and assaulted by Brian Crabtree.

He was in court today, where charges against him were upgraded to murder.

Katelynn's mother spoke only to 27 NEWSFIRST today.

Angela Johns and other family members of Katelynn were in the courtroom today when Crabtree heard his charge of murder.

Afterword they didn't have much to say, but she did tell us that little Katelynn was her pride and joy.

Her mother's little girl.

Johns say that she never thought Crabtree would mistreat Katelynn.

He was polite and seemed very caring.

Johns say she had a hard time looking at Crabtree today.

She now struggles to understand how just two years after giving birth to Katelynn, she now has to plan her funeral.