The Gift Of Song To 5191 Victims

Members of a Mount Sterling church put on a production Sunday night featuring a lot of songs we all know well about the holiday, and another special one.

The Ascension Episcopal Church is featuring the premier performance of a piece called "My Song Goes On" as a tribute to the victims of Flight 5191. The choir spent weeks rehearsing the piece, composed by Earlene Rentz, before it's debut Sunday night.

Rentz said it wasn't easy to write, but she hopes that by doing it she helped others cope with the tragedy. She says that every victim of the crash is somehow honored by the piece.

Dr. George Zack directed the choir's performance. Fayette County teacher's were behind the song. They raised money to commission Rentz to write the piece.

Comair Flight 5191 crashed in August 2006 shortly after take off from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington. Forty-nine people on board the flight died.

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