Gov. Beshear Working to Cut an Additional $450 million From the State Budget

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Dogged by economic miseries that have
wreaked havoc on the state budget, Gov. Steve Beshear has spent
most of his first year in office looking for ways to cut government
So far, the Democratic governor has whittled out $430 million.
With no economic rebound in sight, he is being forced to find ways
to cut an additional $450 million.
"We're working aggressively on that right now," Beshear told
The Associated Press in an interview last week. "We haven't made
any decisions on where to cut. Most families going through this
right now don't have the luxury of improving their revenue
situations. They've just got to tighten their belts. And I think
they're looking at us to do the same thing."
Beshear said he fears the $880 million in cuts may be just the
beginning, based on gloomy preliminary financial projections for
"We've got bigger problems looming ahead, perhaps," he said.
That's not what Beshear had envisioned when he rode along
Capitol Avenue in his inaugural parade last December, cheering
crowds lining the sidewalks, well-wishers waving to him as he
passed by.

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