Welcome Wally!

Everyone's urged to do what they can to help the environment.

Now Central Kentuckians will be able to do it a little easier at some of the baseball complexes in Lexington parks, thanks to the nation's largest retailer.

Our Denny Trease has more.

Lexington's recycling effort already features Rosie, Lenny, and Herbie.

Now here comes Wally, the first solar powered recycling container, 3 of which will be placed in Lexington Parks, Shillito, Veteran's, and Cardinal Run, all thanks to a $40,000 donation from Wal-Mart.

Jason Wetzel says, "we realize that Lexington is a very special city and that you take sustainability and environmental initiatives to heart. We're proud to add what we're calling the Wally to the Waste-Not family."

Wally holds recycled material in a hopper and then crushes the cans and bottles.

The Wal-Mart donation will also fund 17 conventional containers to help Lexington expand its recycling effort.

Mayor Jim Newberry says, "improving the environment has been a top priority of our administration from its inception, and I know it's a priority that I share with many Lexington citizens who care determined to leave the environment in a better condition for our children than the way we found it. To achieve that goal, it will take a lot of effort from a lot of people and from many of our corporate citizens like Wal-Mart."

Denny Trease, WKYT 27 NEWSFIRST.