Census: Central Kentucky Population Passes 650,000 Mark

A new Census report paints a picture of what central Kentucky looks like.

Over the past three years, the Lexington-Frankfort-Richmond area has boomed to 650,069 people according the Census Bureau’s new American Community Survey.

The survey found there are more women than men in central Kentucky: 51 percent versus 49 percent. While just over half of adults are married, the Census found 29 percent have never tied the knot.

Eight out of every ten adults have at least a high school diploma while 29 percent earned a bachelor's degree or higher.

Central Kentucky men average bigger paychecks than women. The average male brings home $40,747 a year compared to $32,177 for women. Of those who commute to work, 79 percent ride in a car alone. Just under 12.5 percent carpool or walk to work.

The government uses statistics from the American Community Survey to help determine where to distribute $300 billion in federal money to state and local governments each year.

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