Temperature At UK Buildings Drop To Save Money

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About 80% of the building on The University of Kentucky's campus will be lowering the temperatures at night to save money.

UK students be warned, if you plan on cramming late at night or early in the morning in classroom around campus, you better bring a sweater.

Since Thanksgiving the University started to drop the temperature about four to five degrees at night to save on energy costs. Now they will expand that time by roughly two more hours.

This year the University expects to be about one million dollars over budget and this move is expected to bring back about half of that money. UK Facility Management Vice President Bob Wiseman says the budget for utilities on campus hovers around 50 million dollars a year.

He says this move not only makes financial sense but it also helps the University act in environmentally friendly way.

The dorms will not be affected by the temperature drop instead incentives will be offered to energy efficient dorms.

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