Slow Recovery For Woman Injured in Car Crash

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A Nicholasville woman is still recovering tonight after a crash that killed her husband and badly injured her two kids.

Krystal Berryman's husband Daniel was kiled back in October after a car crash in Lincoln County. Their son and daughter had serious injuries, and Krystal barely lived. Two months later she's still in UK Hospital recovering. She missed her husband's funeral

Since the crash the family has lost their home, and had no health or life insurance. Krystal's family says she will likely move in with relatives after she is released from the hospital, but will be saddled with tons of debt.

They say this holiday season will be the saddest their family has ever had.

A fund has been set up in the families name to help with expenses following the funeral and hospitalizations. Donations can be made at any Central Bank under the Krystal Oldham-Berryman fund.

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